February 2-4, 2011

“Snowmageddon” Cold weather caused widespread breakage of gas and water pipes and mains, which created water leaks causing many homes to flood. El Paso Electric had all eight primary power generators fail due to freezing conditions. Rolling blackouts were used during peak electric use hours.

September 16, 2009

Two large supercell thunderstorms developed over El Paso County. Both storms produced golf ball-sized hail. Damage from the storm was estimated at over $150 million, primarily to El Paso’s east side. Was the costliest hail storm in El Paso history.

July 27 – August 4, 2006

In 2006 El Paso received 19.5 inches of rain, which is more than double its annual precipitation. Furthermore, during this time El Paso had one year’s worth of rainfall in only two days. This major storm that happened in 2006, led to the citywide flooding of El Paso’s downtown, major highways, streets and residential areas. The 2006 flood had caused more than $200 million in damage to businesses and homes and $115 million in damage to the city’s stormwater system.

June 30, 1994

A record-setting of highest temperature was set in El Paso for 114°F

December 13-14, 1987

A record storm accumulated over 22 inches of snow in El Paso. Two weeks later (December 25–26), another three inches fell, making an all-time high record of 25.9 inches in the month of December 1987.

December 8, 1972

The last earthquake that was felt in El Paso occurred on December 8, 1972, with a magnitude of 3.0 near Newman and the Texas-New Mexico border.

In addition, all earthquakes that occur over 200 miles from El Paso can be felt.

January 11, 1962

A record-setting of lowest temperature was set in El Paso for -8°F

October –  November, 1918

Between El Paso and Fort Bliss, 600 deaths occurred due to the Spanish Flu.


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All information was obtained from the National Weather,, NOAA, Department of Geological Science at University of Texas at El Paso.