As rains continue to affect our region, the NWS has emitted a Flash Flood Warning; conditions may develop that lead to Flash Flooding.

Sandbags are available Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. to residential customers at the Northeast Stormwater Operations Center – 4801 Fred Wilson. The limit is 10 bags per visit. Residential customers will need to show a Texas ID or an El Paso Water bill to get sandbags.

Even a few inches of murky water can conceal many hazards: potholes, debris, even chemical or biological waste. A vehicle can slip off the edge of the road, puncture a tire, or become high-centered on a submerged log. For a pedestrian, those same hazards can cause serious injury or illness.

Moving flood water is even more dangerous. A slow stream moves at about 4 miles an hour – a good walking pace. At this speed, water exerts 66 pounds of force per square foot of surface area on anything in its path. Every time you double the speed, you increase the force by a factor of four – so flood water moving briskly along at 8 miles an hour exerts 264 pounds of force per square foot. Consider:

6 inches of moving water can knock an adult off his or her feet.
12 inches of moving water can move a light car.
24 inches of moving water can move a full-size pickup or SUV.

Play it safe. Turn around – don’t drown!