The emergencies that affect Americans can be vastly different, depending on where and how you live. Tornadoes are a threat in the Great Plains, but earthquakes and wildfires are a threat in California. Likewise, an 80 mile per hour wind can be a life-threatening situation in a mobile home, but not so much in a traditionally built home. El Paso is fortunate enough to be far away from many of these dangers; however, preparedness must still be practiced at all times

Are you unsure of what disasters may affect you at any time? Here’s how to assess your own risks:

  • What area of the country do you live in? We live in a desert: Think heat, flash floods, and blinding dust storms. They can all kill.

We know about risks from natural disasters like tornadoes and wildfires, but don’t forget man-made disasters.

Do you live near a chemical refinery, a power plant, a busy highway or train track?

If you live in an apartment, do you have a fire extinguisher? 80% of homes have one, but only 60% of apartments do.

If you live in the country, how long would it take fire trucks to get to your house, and how would you fight or flee the fire until they arrive?

What threat season is it right now? High winds, heat waves and freezes are some of the emergencies we can experience in El Paso. Remember the different risks depending on the season and how they may affect you.In an emergency would you be able to quickly grab your medicines, some important papers, some reading glasses, cash or a credit/debit card? Would you have pet food and a water dish? Do you always keep your car keys in the exact same place? Does anyone in your home move slowly and need extra time and assistance?

It’s amazing how quickly some disasters occur. Get prepared now, because in the event of an emergency, those who are not prepared often become statistics.

And make sure you are following along with our other sections on the website! Have you made a plan? Have you built a kit? September is as good a time as ever to get prepared!