Knowing your family is prepared will help maintain peace of mind during a disaster. Take time to have a conversation together and talk about what each family member can do to keep themselves safe. Let your child know there may be time or communication delays when emergencies happen. Make sure everyone know and can access important contact numbers for key family members.

Take These Actions:

1. Check the sidebar on this website and learn about the different types of emergencies and what to do.

  • Create a plan: Identify safe zones in your home, shelters throughout the community and define emergency communications contact.
  • Build a kit.
  • Play interactive games like “Disaster Master” and “Build a Kit.”

2. Create an emergency communications plan for the whole family. Review important numbers and how to send text messages in case of an emergency.

3. Know the emergency plan for your child’s school and childcare facility.

  • What has changed in light of COVID-19?
  • Review and practice the plan with your child.